Top 5 simulation websites that help you develop business administration skills


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Cesim Business Simulation Games provides commercial learning with a solid solution of educational software for international business and strategy, general business administration, project management, marketing, small services, hotel and restaurant management, banking and financial administration courses, as well as corporate and executive training.

The company practical business strategy games complement theoretical education by providing a risk-free, interactive and easy-to-use learning environment for participants to participate.

Over 500 institutions use Cesim business games to teach more than 300,000 participants in more than 50 countries on 6 continents in more than 20 languages.


2. Markstrat

Markstrat Simulations provides you with experimental platforms to test and implement ideas the way you want. All participants experience managing processes with a more analytical way of thinking and, as a result, are more prepared for the challenges of the real world.

The Markstrat approach reinforces competitive thinking and market understanding. Each marketing simulation or commercial simulation clearly reflects the impact that a sudden competitive movement or a change in customer needs can have on a company. The imagined companies also encourage teams to look beyond the status quo in search of ideas.


3. Virtonomics

Virtonomics, established in 2006, is a strategy game related to business based on the real world economy, business, entrepreneurship, and management principles. The goal of the game is to organize a profitable and competitive business. An initial capital is owned by each player, which can be used to develop the virtual company according to its own unique scenario. Users customize their business objectives, strategies, and tactics.


4. Capsim

Capsim was founded in 1985 with the main target is to provide business education and training to executives. Thanks to the internet expansion of the late 1990s, the company successfully entered the academic arena to reach business professors and their students. Nowadays, Capsim continues to develop new programs, simulations, and assessments to fulfill the needs of business education all over the world.



MARGA Business Simulations is a management training method in which the players manage all departments and functions with teammates in an imagined company. This strategic simulation is created with a view to gaining an overall entrepreneurial perspective. Participants will learn about management skills and ought to apply those in the game.