Top 10 richest technological billionaires in the world


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There are interesting facts that the common things among these 10 tech billionaires are: they are all male, either come from China or America and half of the list dropped out of the university.

10. Pony Ma ( Tencent Holdings – net estate: 18.2 billion USD)

By earning an amount of money by playing stocks, Ma Huateng ( Pony Ma) invested it in growing Tencent with university friends. The first big product of the company is the free online texting service in China, also known as QQ. Ever since then, Tencent has been growing dramatically, investing in different fields, from music distribution to game developing.

9. Michael Dell ( Dell – net estate: 18.9 billion USD)

In 1984, Michael Dell “gave birth” to Dell PC company. After that shortly, he stopped his study at the university to focus on developing his company to become one of the fastest growing PC brands in the USA. Dell Inc headquarter is located in Texas.

8. Steve Ballmer ( Microsoft – net estate: 25.9 billion USD)

In 1980, Steve Ballmer quit his business programme in Stanford University to participate in managing Microsoft – his best friend Bill Gates’ company with the salary of 50000 USD and a certain amount of equity. Now he has become the owner of LA Clippers, a famous American basketball team.

7. Jack Ma ( Alibaba – net estate: 26.3 billion USD)

Being designated as Jeff Bezos of China, Jack Ma has established and managed Alibaba, one of the biggest e-commerce platform in the world himself.

6. Sergey Brin ( Google – net estate: 36.2 billion USD)

Sergey Brin was the co-founder of Google together with Larry Page back in 1998. Although Google has altered its business strategies through times, most of its products and services are developed based on the platform that the co-founders built – Google Search Engine. Nowadays, Brin is the head of the Alphabet – Google’s parent company. The company focuses on thriving breakthrough ideas. A good example of this is the project of providing Wi-fi connections for people in remote areas by means of hot-air balloons ( Project Loon).

5. Larry Page ( Google – net estate: 37.8 billion USD)

Has a higher asset amount than his colleague does, CEO of Alphabet, Sergey Brin. Larry Page has the responsibility of taking care of Google Search Engine algorithms, help sort results into specific lists. Becoming a billionaire at the age of 30, Page had proved his ability by successfully buying Android in the 2005s.

4. Larry Ellison ( Oracle – net estate: 46.1 billion USD)

Ellison is the co-founder of Oracle Corp – one of the leading technology companies in the world nowadays. Most of the company’s products are developed to serve for the cooperation, business, and government. Oracle is only behind Microsoft when it comes to worldwide software cover. There was one time that Ellison was known for the highest-salary-earning CEO.

3. Mark Zuckerberg ( Facebook – net estate: 46.2 billion USD)

In 2010, the film “The Social Network” was released. It described the life of Mark Zuckerberg and how Facebook, the biggest social media channel was born. Now Mark is 31 years old, he has a wife, Priscilla Chan and a daughter, Max.

2. Jeff Bezos ( Amazon – net estate: 51.2 billion USD)

Starting from his old garage, Jeff Bezos became a billionaire thanks to e-commerce activities. Besides Amazon, Jeff owns Washington Post as well, and even launches rockets into space ( Blue Origin).

1. Bill Gates ( Microsoft – net estate: 89,4 billion USD)

Bill Gates is not only the richest tech giants but also the richest person in the world. He became a billionaire at the age of only 30. Although he plays an important part in the company, Bill spends most of his time on charities. He hopes that in the next 15 years, human beings will find out green energy to replace the coal one.