Startup Ideas: Earn money from today


Startup Singapore : What are the factors that enhance startups in Singapore?

Have you ever curious about how many “giants” like Facebook, Google, Youtube are becoming successful day by day like that? The simple answer to this question is they know what human-beings nowadays demand and how to solve that “equation”. The common thing among them is that they all start from unique business ideas. Facebook is a phenominal social media platforms help connect people from around the world, on the other hand, Google and Youtube are informative and efficient search engines. So why not have a look at following startup ideas to begin the journey of becoming a “giant” in the near future

1. Blogger:

You may find it ridiculous at first asking the question that how content writers can earn money as their main income. Frankly, with having only had to purchase a reliable domain and hosting with reasonable prices, you can start earning thousand of euros per month by simply making use of:

Google Adsense

Affliate marketing

Of course, at the same time ensuring the quality of contents so as to stabilize and increase the amount of traffics to your site.

2. Merchandising on Amazon and Ebay

Amazon and Ebay are the easiest and safest platform to make money online. All you have to do is applying the basic of business strategy: “buy low sell high”. For example, you purchase a five-euro-watergun from a retailer on Amazon or Ebay, then you resell it with the price of ten euros. In the end, five euros profit will be in your pocket by paying just a little effort.

3. AI for Communicating with Pets

If you are excel at IT skills or know how talent acquisition works, this will be your jackpot. Take advantage of the immense amount of video footage captures of interactions with dogs or cats to predict what behaviors will happen based on what the dog or cat is doing i.e. predict that your dog is in pain, or hungry or thirsty etc.

4. Online education

The demand for learning of people is now increasing everyday since we want to earn respects from other and also create competitive advantage when looking for jobs. Providing online courses can fully exploit this prominent fact and some online course providing platforms like Udemy, Coursera can make your dream comes true.


5. Selling pictures

If you are interested in photography and still do not know how to make use of it then this is the right article for you. In fact, your taken pictures will not just be memories anymore but also it will be your useful means of making money online. Shutterstock, Fotolia, Gettyimages are all monetizable websites.