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Startup Meter provides you with tailor-made research to suit your specific needs.

If the information you are looking for is unavailable among our standard reports, Startup meter provides customized reports tailored to your specific needs or interests. These reports may take different forms:

City reports & comparisons
City reports offer a detailed analysis on individual urban startup ecosystem. Going one step further, city comparisons are a useful tool whenever the goal is to observe trends between selected startup ecosystems in order to make strategic decisions based on accurate information about two or more locations.

Sector reports
Certain stakeholders might be interested in specific sectors. Are you a fin-tech investor looking for the latest developments and the most promising cities in the field? Are you a donor wanting to boost education or health-care services in emerging and lower-income markets? Our sector-specific reports address these targeted needs.

data access

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Startup Meter is where your individual research starts from.

Startup Meter provides subscription-based access to the detailed raw data that is used in computing the Startup Friendliness Index (SFI). Use this option to gain access to the absolute numbers behind the indicators and to detailed explanations about how the indicators have been built in order to carry out your own individual analysis. In addition, the subscription also gives you access to databases compiled by Startup Meter with information that comes to support the raw data (for instance, comprehensive lists including names and contacts of different actors operating in the seven ecosystems). To take advantage of the data-access option, please contact us.