The Ecosystem Directory gathers relevant actors on the startup scene in the cities that are part of or will soon be part of the Startup Friendliness Index. It provides an overview of the actor names, the type of actors present (e.g. startups, co-working space), their respective sector of activity, together with brief description of their work.

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Cairo Coworking Space Business Startup Haus Cairo Startup Haus Cairo a Startup Space for all start-up related activities that should become the nucleus of a true entrepreneurship community.
Tunis Coworking Space Business Startup Haus Tunis Startup Haus Tunis is offering unique resources, local and international expertise and global opportunities for talented entrepreneurs in downtown Tunis.
Berlin Startup Support Think Tank Startup Meter Startup Meter measures city startup ecosystems based on more than hundred indicators and makes them comparable with a focus on emerging markets.