Policy advice

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Startup Meter works to improve policy making in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation through data-driven advice.

Startup Meter provides indicator-based, data driven policy recommendations to a variety of stakeholders in public functions. The practical and concrete policy options developed from data in the Startup Friendliness Index (SFI) can be targeted at national policy making, as well as local level policy implementation, and can therefore cater to the needs of ministries as well as municipalities in the cities that are featured in the SFI. Embassies from other countries that are based in cities that are featured in the SFI may also make use of Startup Meter’s services.

business intelligence

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Startup Meter provides sector specific information to support strategic decision making.

Emerging markets and growing entrepreneurship ecosystems are of great ‘belang’ to investors or large corporations alike; the potential and opportunities in these cities are growing, making them interesting destinations for those who wish to venture into other regions. Startup Meter fills the information gap that exists on the cities that are featured in the Startup Friendliness Index (SFI), and can therefore provide contextual information needed to make strategic decisions as an investor or corporation. Startup Meter provides sector-specific information to support Startups in their growth phase, as well as scale ups.

impact evaluation

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Startup Meter helps you conduct impact assessments ex post and ex ante.

Top-down approaches to social and economic impact which are not driven by extensive regional and contextual knowledge belong to the last century. However, a relevant information-gap on entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging and lower-income markets still exists. Startup Meter fills this gap through its Startup Friendliness Index (SFI), and can provide data-driven solutions for social impact investors, donor organizations, and other actors in the field of economic and development cooperation. Startup Meter identifies and analyses the key factors that are at work in a startup ecosystem, and can thus provide the relevant metrics and framework for measuring the impact of projects and policies undertaken in an ecosystem.