The non-profit organisation enpact aims to empower entrepreneurs and strengthen the relations between start-up scenes in emerging markets. enpact implements its mission in four programmes: Startup Mentoring connects startup founders from different regions with international mentors, Startup Connect organizes delegation trips to startup ecosystems for and with the relevant players, Startup Spaces establish co-working and founder centers within focal regions, and Startup Meter measures, through a scientifically grounded approach, the framework conditions of urban startup ecosystems. Having started in 2013 with a focus on the MENA region and Europe, enpact now operates also in East and West Africa as well as South and Southeast Asia.

startup meter

Supporting entrepreneurship is becoming a prominent policy tool within economic and development cooperation. However, extensive knowledge of a region’s contextual circumstances is necessary for informed decision-making. When it comes to entrepreneurship ecosystems in emerging market, this knowledge or information is often missing. While there are indexes measuring the entrepreneurship ecosystems of countries or cities globally, the information flow on the ecosystems in lower income countries is minimal to non-existing. The Startup Meter aims to create transparency on the entrepreneurship ecosystems in lower income countries; as these are the countries in which entrepreneurship can make a big impact!


The RKW Competence Centre is a research and transfer organisation of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. It fosters the development of startup ecosystems and analyses productivity and innovation improvement opportunities in order to strengthen German SMEs. The RKW Competence Centre develops practical solutions and recommendations, disseminates best practices and advices policy makers and public authorities on startups and on SME needs.